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    Yes, It's Another International Women's Day Post.

    Yes - this is yet another international women’s day post, jumping onto the marketing bandwagon just so we don’t have a major case of #fomo. But don’t worry, we are not as absurd in taking advantage of this day as some companies are. Today’s post is meant to inspire and motivate you to get up and go (boys are welcomed too)!

    Our future can be a blur at times, as Yoda said, “always in motion is the future.” So to keep us going, here is some sources of #girlboss inspiration that you can look up to, join, and follow:

    There are many strong, powerful, ambitious women that have amazing achievements. But even just looking around, think about the bodily changes (and pain) women experience each month, and during the long process of childbearing and rearing, on top of which they have to manage work, health, and family. This in itself is an incredibly challenging feat. With that context in mind, these five entrepreneurial women that are going to be introduced next are essentially the epitome of #goals.

    #WomenInTech: Cher Wang, Co-Founder and CEO of HTC

    Cher Wang is a Taiwanese entrepreneur and philanthropist born in Taipei. She co-founded the consumer electronics company, HTC Corporation, a company credited for making the first android smartphone, the first Microsoft powered smartphone and the first Microsoft 3G phone. She is considered one of the most powerful and successful women in technology. She is also listed as the 54th most powerful woman in the world in the Forbes list for her exceptional entrepreneurial skills. Despite her many achievements, Cher Wang is known for her simplicity. She flies in the budget airlines and wears a simple black suit to work. Philanthropy has always been her larger side.

    #WomenInFashion: Emily Weiss, Founder and CEO of Glossier

    Emily Weiss launched Into the Gloss, a blog about women’s beauty routines in 2010, while working at Vogue. She worked hard, maintaining her blog in the mornings between 4-8am. After accumulating a following of 10 million page views a month, she took the plunge to quit her day job at Vogue to focus on her business dreams, and Glossier was born in  2014, with initial backing from Forerunner Capital, a women-led venture capital firm. Glossier is more than just a traditional beauty brand, it is a “two-way conversation,” with the product team depending on the user community. Glossier invited about 100 of its top customers to be part of a group Slack channel. They exchange over 1,100 messages every week, Weiss said. Glossier also promotes freedom and acceptance of diversity of women, nailing women empowerment head-on.


    Luan Ee's, founder of Kerbside Gourmet

    Wong Chui Ling, Co-founder of BlueRen

    Anthea Ong, Founder of Hush Tea Bar

    Last but far from the least, here are three ladies that are leaders of socially conscious business in Singapore:

    These women have two things in common - hard work and determination. And if along the way you need more inspiration, come back to this post and align your motivations with these incredible women, or follow these Instagram accounts that will be sure to get you off your seat:

    Don’t forget to also follow @enactus.sg, we will be updating our feeds with facts and inspirational quotes regularly. Once again, Happy International Women’s Day!