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    Who is your professional hero?

    We asked the mentors and mentees of this years’ Responsible Leadership Program about a role model they looked up to in terms of leadership, and their responses were exciting and diverse. Can you guess which are the role models of our mentors and which are the role models of our students?

    “My role model by far would be Warren Buffett. I admire his work ethic and lifelong commitment to learning as well as his philanthropy and his way of thinking.”

    “Oprah Winfrey. She started with an abusive and poor background. Unlike many who have changed for the worser due to their poor environment, Oprah Winfrey moved on and became an all-rounded influential figure working as a producer, television host and philanthropist. A confident, selfless figure who fights for what she believes in.”

    “I do not really have a role model per se. But here's a personal mantra I subscribe to:

    Doing is the best kind of thinking. Tom Chi, Google X.

    I'm also a huge believer of prototype thinking.”

    “If I were to choose one at this point in time, the first person that comes to mind is Malala Yousafzai. I think it’s really inspirational to know that at such a young age, she has already gone through a huge ordeal for her beliefs but managed to turn her situation for the better - using it to change the world through her advocateship of female rights (especially towards education).”

    “Croatia football team captain, Luka Modric. I feel that the success Croatia football team had in the World cup 2018 had to be mostly credited to the team captain. I agree that football is a team sport and everyone plays a part but there always have to be a leader in group. I feel that Luka Modric did a good job in leading his team both on and off the field. Getting the Golden Ball award recognition, goes to show that he was always performing well on the field and believing that Croatia had a chance which to me shows that he is leading the team. With his contributions to the team , his team members will feel more motivated to also contribute more to the team, hence their team success.

    “This is rather personal - But from the Bible, so the role model is Jesus?

    It taught me about servant leadership, to serve the community, to have empathy and compassion, to tell stories when communicating complex concepts (Parables), and provided me with the foundations to my value system.”

    “I look up to Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos. He is a leader that strongly believes in building a strong company culture and empowering employees to do whatever it takes to deliver the best customer service to their customer. His very act of sitting in the middle of the office with the rest of the staff rather than sitting in an enclosed room tells us that he takes the flat hierarchy very seriously, and that is essential for good ideas and communication to flow in the office.”

    “I look up to Martin Luther King because he leads by example and is visionary. Despite being a highly regarded leader, he was still active on the ground and fought for civil rights alongside the less fortunate in his community. He did not simply set a vision, but he lived by it and displayed true servant leadership.”