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    “We had Crazy Ideas.”A simple story on TP Enactus’ 2015 recruitment.

    Updated: Jul 15, 2018

    In April, Enactus Marketing conducted a workshop for our polytechnic students who were embarking on their recruitment drives. A month later, Temasek Polytechnic Enactus (TP Enactus) reported wonderful results. Sign-ups grew from 20 in 2014 to 80 in 2015.

    How did TP Enactus pull this off? We learn from Paolo, a senior member of TP Enactus, to find out the secret sauce. It turned out to be a combination of two ingredients: craziness and strategy.

    “We had crazy ideas,” Paolo admitted. Some members wanted a dance. Others pressed for a mascot. A few suggested a dancing mascot. And the leadership of TP Enactus let the ideas flow in.

    Paolo shared, “We didn’t want to discredit ideas.”

    And having yellow helium balloons was one of the ideas. That idea took off, because it lay snugly in the intersection between craziness and viability.

    Some members pushed back. Balloons were not cheap, and they seemed frivolous. But this internal disagreement was helpful — it compelled the team to think strategically.

    “How do we make full use of each balloon?” the members of TP Enactus wondered. And they hatched a plan.

    When 50 yellow balloons arrived, the TP Enactus booth stood out. And TP Enactus made each balloon count. A calendar was attached to each balloon so that TP students would be aware of the line-up of events over the next couple of months.

    Moreover, the balloons were not given out willy-nilly. “Want our balloon? Like our Facebook page, follow our Instagram account!”

    In so doing, TP Enactus put itself on the radar of more students. Though not all students would convert into TP Enactus members, all students who liked and followed TP Enactus’ platforms would be more aware of news from TP Enactus. There was a purpose behind each balloon.

    Alas, the balloons ran out. But TP Enactus had another trick up its sleeve. The members went to different corners of the recruitment fair to pull people to the TP Enactus booth so that more senior members like Paolo, Genevieve, and Jessica could do the pitch for TP Enactus.

    It also helped that the TP Enactus booth was beside the Japanese Cultural Group’s. Members of the Japanese Cultural Group had dazzling cosplay outfits and drew plenty of human traffic. Being tactical, TP Enactus pounced on this opportunity to grab more people.

    So, through a combination of craziness and strategic moves, TP Enactus grew its sign-ups by 300%.

    Being bold and tactical can pay off!

    Ng Jing Song, Fast Forward Committee

    Jing Song is the Marketing Lead in Enactus Singapore. He believes that youthful idealism married with business thinking can change society. In his spare time, he enjoys playing the guitar, reading, and running. However, he hasn’t tried doing all three at the same time.