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    The Enactus World Cup — It’s Not So Scary After All

    Team India at the Enactus World Cup 2015, Johannesburg, South Africa

    Drawing from his experience of reaching the semi final round of the Enactus World Cup 2015 with his team from the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, Daksh Arora, a Research Undergraduate at the Faculty of Engineering, National University of Singapore, tells us how to shine on the biggest stage.

    1. Stay true to your roots

    Never forget where you’re from and who you’re representing. Emphasize it. Help the audience build a similar perspective to yours. The audience probably doesn’t know your nation’s issues. You’ll have to show them the connection between your country’s vision and their own. Sentimental aspects will help you reinforce that bond.

    2. Start strong

    First impressions are lasting. The first 2–3 minutes of your delivery have to be spot on. You want to engage your audience at the very beginning so they’re willing to hear your entire story.

    3. Numbers or percentages?

    Interpret your data in relative terms, not in exact numbers. Due to irregularities in currency value, but also in purchasing power parity, exact numbers might not have the same impact on your audience.

    A profit of INR 100k may sound like a lot, but it’s only US$ 1500, which doesn’t have the same ring to it.

    4. Long term > short term

    Try to focus on the magnitude of impact instead of the number of people impacted. Pivot your presentation around telling how and to what extent you have changed the life of your target beneficiaries. Your project might impact only a handful of people, but by helping these people, their entire neighborhood could benefit in the long run. Do not undersell yourself by forgetting to mention that.

    5. Style is content

    Presenting is selling. You want to come off as confident, easygoing and relaxed.

    Try to synchronise your speaking style. They are equally important aspects, especially on an international platform.

    6. Enjoy yourself

    Lighten up, have fun and be grateful that you have the opportunity to be there. Not just anyone gets to attend this event, and you should already be proud of yourself for making it there.

    Daksh Arora at Enactus World Cup 2015


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