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    Silicon Valley - Techies only, right?

    Silicon Valley is one of the most important locations of the Internet Technology (IT) and high-tech industry worldwide - nesting the headquarters of 39 businesses in the Fortune 1,000, and thousands of startups. Amidst this ecosystem of high-tech innovation and scientific development, we take a closer look into the social entrepreneurial scene in Silicon Valley.

    Better World Ed: At Better World Ed, teachers engage youth in empathy, global literacy, and civic engagement learning through captivating videos of global stories. The videos are wordless, so that students who don´t speak the same language feel still belong, make curios and foster social and emotional learning. These stories and lesson plans are created to work in classrooms across languages, borders and resource levels. - Source

    Advance Social Innovation:

    The company aims to to support underrepresented communities including enterprises that serve these communities, by supporting early-staged social enterprises with two keyprograms. The Startup Inclusion program was developed to provide resources and opportunities for women, minority and disadvantaged entrepreneurs, to improve their business eg. to raise funds. The other program, CrowdDoing, helps to expedite the development and growth of the social enterprise sector, through providing easy access to recruiting high-skilled volunteers. - Source


    This application makes it easy to support causes you care about. Users just can input their interests and Actfully will give quick and convenient opportunities to get involved. This platform allows one to discover local opportunities to do good, while being able to track the impact they make easily. Users can also set goals to challenge themselves and to increase their impact a little each day. With Actfully, doing good should be a part of everyday life! - Source


    The platform brings together investors and philanthropists with nonprofits, whom with combined power, can make a real impact on the projects that seek to improve communities. Non-profits can showcase their programs and efficiently receive the capital they need to reach their next milestone. Lenders tailor offers that combine donations and loans at market or below-market interest rates. After finalizing a loan, documents will be issued, the money will go to the nonprofit, and a schedule for repayment will begin. - Source


    The platform seeks to create a global impact management ecosystem by bringing Impact Makers and Impact Managers together through powerful technology to scale impact and drive capital. Social impact reports are used as a communication tool to convey the change created by an organization or activity. A perfect social impact report involves a step-by-step systems approach and is cyclical, allowing one to manage all their investments' financial, social, and environmental data as well as providing results. - Source

    As you can see, Silicon Valley has more to offer than Tech-Giants and the Fortune 1,000.