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    Putting First Things First

    Our NYP Star Award recipient tells us how he has managed to succeed academically and with Enactus.

    It is widely perceived that heavy involvement in extra-curricular activities negatively impacts academic performance. You only have a finite number of hours every day: More time on CCAs and other activities + Less time for study = Your grades suffer. Something that almost seems to be a truism by virtue of the fact that it is repeated so often by parents, teachers and students looking for something to pin the blame on for underperformance.

    Ho Jing Guang, Vice President of Enactus Nanyang Polytechnic, clearly disagrees. A recipient of the NYP Star Award for 2016, which recognises NYP students with special talents and passions in non-academic areas and who have made significant contributions to campus life, he tells us that his results improved after he joined Enactus. In fact, he has made the Director’s List twice while being an Enactus Exco member, running an Enactus project and being part of the Wushu school team.

    Putting first things first, rather than some magic formula, is the key to managing multiple priorities, according to Jing Guang. “To be efficient, I learnt to prioritise important and urgent tasks. I focus more on tasks which are more important that will contribute to my project goals. Also, I make sure that I have a clear understanding of my tasks and what others are trying to communicate before I start doing my work.”

    Developing academically….

    Far from having had a negative impact on his academic work, Jing Guang believes that the skills and experiences gained through Enactus have been beneficial to his academic work. For his entrepreneurship module, which requires him to design a sustainable business solution through qualitative research, having had a similar experience with Enactus was especially useful. It also came in handy that delivering a project pitch to judges from the corporate world is something that all Enactus project teams have to go through.

    …and growing as a leader

    “Beyond just benefiting me in my school work, Enactus has developed me in many ways which I can’t describe in just a few sentences,” Jing Guang added. “Picking up soft skills such as problem solving, teamwork and management has allowed me to grow both as a person and a leader. I believe that I am now confident and more responsible having undertaken this journey with Enactus.” Indeed, according to Ms Mindy Lim, Senior Lecturer at NYP School of Business Management & Advisor to NYP Enactus, “Jing Guang is always enthusiastic and extremely committed to all his assigned duties and never fails to perform up to expectations and sometimes before deadlines.”

    Enactus and beyond

    Jing Guang aims to go on to major in Business Information Systems Management at university and deliver social impact through his Enactus project on Foodbank Singapore. We wish him every success.

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