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    Let's Chat with Stanley!

    Stanley Chia is an Enactus alumni of both Ngee Ann Polytechnic (formerly known as NP SIFE) and Enactus NTU. Stanley is the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Cialfo Pte Ltd, an online platform offering college admission consulting services. As an education consulting firm, they help students apply to the top US/UK universities with systems analysing the students’ profiles and recommending schools. Just last year, Cialfo successfully expanded its footprint into the China market.

    Being active in Enactus during his time, we wanted to find out more about what he did then!

    Why did you join Enactus back then? I was seeking an opportunity to learn about how entrepreneurship/business skills can be employed to do good.

    Did you work on a project while at Enactus? What is/was it? I’ve worked directly and indirectly in more than 11 projects. A direct project was the JariJemari in 2011–2012, where slippers were made by ex-leprosy patients in Singapore and sold in Indonesia. Another project was GourmetGuru, where homemakers were trained to teach culinary skills!

    What was your most memorable impression of being part of Enactus?  Hustling through days and nights in preparation for the finals, and presenting the pitch confidently on stage with my fellow presenters!

    How has Enactus helped you achieve your current position regarding skills you have learned during your time with Enactus?  Yes, Enactus has taught me and exposed me to the fundamentals of entrepreneurship and afforded many leadership building experiences. After I joined Enactus, I’ve learnt that business skills can actually be applied to help the community around me. Back then, that was the focus — using business for the power of society and community benefits. Enactus has also taught me the importance of building relationships and networking.

    What would you advise new Enactus students?  Take every opportunity you can to venture into the world of the unknown. Only then will you find who you and who you can be.