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    How to Nail Your Next Presentation.

    In our contemporary world many of us have the experience of making public presentations. We often present either at the university in front of our mates or at work in front of the colleagues or clients. Have you ever asked yourself what makes some presentations so successful? Of course, you might say that there are plenty of factors. But let us concentrate on at least five basic principles that make the foundation of a good presentation.

    First of all you should always remember about PREPARATION AND PRACTICE! Your experience, your mastery do not appear on the empty space. There is always a very hard work stands behind every talent. They say about Winston Churchill who is famous for his speeches “Winston has spent the best years of his life composing his impromptu speeches”. Even when you are very well prepared do not forget about the importance of practice. Remember, the more you practice your skills the more successful presenter you become.

    When you preparing your presentation and think of the content make sure that YOUR CORE MESSAGE IS FOCUSED, BRIEF AND SIMPLE. Anyone in the room can catch your key points and remember.

    Now let’s imagine that you have done your homework on preparation and now you find yourself in front of an audience of people who are ready to listen to you. But why they should do this? When you start presenting ESTABLISH YOUR CREDIBILITY RIGHT UP FRONT. Share with the audience your experience on the subject, explain what is there in your presentation that could be relevant for them, and why you are the best person to share it.

    Do you remember the best presenters that you’ve seen in your life? What made them so cool? We think the answer is obvious: their self-confidence. When presenting demonstrate you self-confidence and the confidence about what you are saying. SMILE, MAKE YOUR EYE CONTACT, MOVE FREELY, USE MEANINGFUL GESTURES. Of course, you will say it is difficult when you almost don’t have experience and only start your career of the greatest presenter. But there is only one advice: fake it till you make it.

    Follow these five tips and best luck with your future presentations!

    Anna Kovaleva, KPMG Singapore.

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