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    Fireside Chat with Sim Lim

    The Enactus Fireside Chat is a new initiative to expose Enactus students to various personnels and learn from their experiences. The Fireside Chats aim to expose Enactus students to knowledge sharing not only about social entrepreneurship, but also other topics such as leadership or working in the corporate world.

    The first of the series was jointly organized by Enactus NUS and NTU. We were privileged to have Mr. Sim S. Lim, Group Executive, Singapore Country Head, DBS grace ya for the event. During the event, he shared his experiences and key insights on leadership, the VUCA world and the banking and finance industry.

    “I am honoured and thankful for Mr Lim to take time off his busy schedule to share his ideas and knowledge regarding issues such as digitalisation and leadership.

    I remembered the question about relevancy of current education in light of the increasing trend of humans being replaced by AIs in the workplace. Mr Lim commented that the technical and theoretical knowledge that we learn from our academics are indeed increasingly immaterial given that that AIs are able to accomplish tasks faster and better than humans can ever do.

    However, tertiary education remains to be a necessary experience. Its value lies in the hardship and failures that we undergo, during which our mental resilience is tested and honed upon. He further emphasised the importance of learning, unlearning and relearning to keep up with this trend. This resonated strongly with me as we have constantly been told how robots have and are going to take over our jobs and I believe that this is something that many of us can learn to apply in our lives.

    Another great takeaway from the session was the life stories that Mr Lim shared with us. We could see and understand how he applies the ideas he talked about in his personal life, which I believe inspired and encouraged many of us sitting in the audience to take the first step in becoming a better student, leader and person.”