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    Enactus World Cup 2017

    Team France, South Africa and Singapore at the Enactus World Cup 2017, ExceL London.

    Which projects did you find most inspiring?

    Lennard: Project SucSeed, presented by Team Canada, was a huge inspiration to me! They sold hydroponic units to the general public and used the proceeds to increase the food security of Canadians who live far up north, where the harsh terrain and climate make it challenging to grow food. While the idea of hydroponics is not new, I really admire the vision of the team and their belief that a simple idea could have a large scale impact on the northern communities. At the same time, they created employment opportunities for youth who were unemployed and faced problems such as addiction.

    Terence: Apart from the captivating presentation and perfect Q&A segment, I think that the progress the team made in the past year is very mind-blowing. They turned the simple idea of hydroponics into a big scale project that touched the lives of people in and out of their home country, Canada. There was an element of entrepreneurial action in every step of their supply chain.

    Bushra: The project team that inspired me was Philippines. Their remarkable presentation captured my attention and brought the problem of income inequality in Philippines to World cup stage with clarity. The approach adopted by the team incorporated the use of knowledge about the local surroundings of their beneficiary to capture a business opportunity. The team showed a clear progression of the project from its inception to it emerging as a sustainable business.

    What inspired me the most was their understanding of not only the major elements to making the project sustainable but also the complementary procedures required. The team conducted testing and gained recognition to pave the path for their beneficiaries who are emerging entrepreneurs.

    Team Philippines at Enactus World Cup 2017

    What is the one change you will make to your current project?

    Bushra: As for Overture, I feel one of the changes I would like to bring is to gain recognition, possibly through collaborating with schools to gain validation for our program. The other approach is to conduct a standardized examination/assessment for children so that we can provide certification for completing the program. The overarching idea is to validate the program itself by making it a product of value.

    Terence: I learned that having a sustainable model in the project is very important. With a sustainable business model, the project can be adapted in many other places. I also learned that publicity and marketing are important for any project, but the product offering has to be solid. Also, regardless of the level of commercialisation of the project, we have to prioritise the impact that the project can have on the beneficiaries.

    Team Project Sucseed, Enactus Memorial, Canada