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    Enactus Accelerator - Value Greens

    It is a long way to go from a initial idea to a product that can enter the market and create revenue. To guide our teams, Enactus created the Accelerator Programme.

    The Enactus Accelerator is a 6-month programme designed to support Enactus project teams in accelerating the execution of their projects - validation, creating and testing minimum viable product, and finding the product-market fit. Through this process, teams will also learn how to position their projects to ensure it is financially sustainable.

    The teams should have a minimum viable product at the end of the programme which can be brought to market, which can generate revenue and create impact.

    A team that has gone his way through our programme is the team of Value Greens.

    Value Greens seeks to provide an alternative food product which can provide consumers with the same nutritional value as vegetables and fruits. This product will be in powder form, made out of vegetables and fruits that would likely be thrown away due to cosmetic filtering.

    Hence, Value Greens hopes to not only convert these ugly vegetables and fruits into a product that is easily consumable but also to educate the public about its value.

    We were curious about the motivation of the team and interviewed team member Ng Li Yun on how it all began and how they imagine the future of their project.

    When did the idea for your project come into your mind for the first time? Our idea started in October 2017 when we formed a team and decided to tackle the social issue on food waste. We pivoted many times before we settled for the idea of a vegetable food powder. Past ideas include vegetable chips and a ugly vegetable box from wholesalers.

    Do you have experience in starting a project / taking the lead in a project? How is this experience being so far? Personally, I have been a leader for many group projects and am comfortable in being the driving force of a group. For my team mates, I believe that they are also situational leaders who are able to step up and guide the team if the problem presented is aligned with their expertise. For example, Shin How is good in financials and he is great in guiding us through a rational thought process of our future costs and budgets.

    It has been extremely fulfilling because our group is consistently being challenged by people, situations and circumstances. I am glad that at the end of it all, we are still a tight knitted group who is keen on making our project further than before.

    What is your personal motivation for starting your project?

    My personal motivation is to find like minded people who are interested in social causes. It was also my aim to get recognition for our group project on a national level. Though some might say that those are lofty goals and might not arrive anytime soon, I believe that I do have a strong team that can persist and carry out the objectives of the project.

    What were your first thoughts when starting the project?

    I did not have any expectations when I started this project but I did make a concerted effort to find team mates whom I can communicate better with. This is because I place heavy emphasis on the people rather than the idea itself.

    Where do you see your project in 2 years from now?

    I hope that I would be able to push our product into the market within 2 years and gather real feedback from the market.

    What are your expectations with regard to the accelerator program?

    I hope that the accelerator program will be able to help my team to get to know more people from the food industry and set up a talk where we can ask any queries that we might have.