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    Enactus Accelerator - Qlyck

    It is a long way to go from a initial idea to a product that can enter the market and create revenue. To guide our teams, Enactus created the Accelerator Programme.

    The Enactus Accelerator is a 6-month programme designed to support Enactus project teams in accelerating the execution of their projects - validation, creating and testing minimum viable product, and finding the product-market fit. Through this process, teams will also learn how to position their projects to ensure it is financially sustainable.

    The teams should have a minimum viable product at the end of the programme which can be brought to market, which can generate revenue and create impact.

    A team that has gone his way through our programme is the team of Qlyck.

    Qlyck is a platform that allows youths (and eventually anyone) to provide voluntary or paid services to Voluntary Welfare Organisations and social enterprises.

    These range from technical skills to sharing of an interest, and youths can easily utilise this platform with its simple application processes and greater transparency for both volunteers and organisations.

    We were curious about the motivation of the team and interviewed team member Ruriko Tanzil on how it all began and how they imagine the future of their project.

    When did the idea for your project come into your mind for the first time?

    We first brainstormed the idea for our project during one of the first Enactus workshops with the mentors.

    Do you have experience in starting a project / taking the lead in a project? How is this experience being so far?

    Most of us have had experience leading and/or starting projects of varied nature; it was, however, a first for some of us partaking in a project of this nature.

    It has been an interesting and insightful journey venturing into the social startup field. Many lessons have been gleaned from this invaluable experience, amongst which the key principles of flexibility, good team dynamics, and passion stand out.

    What is your personal motivation for starting your project?

    We were keen to explore how entrepreneurial action could be used to impact the lives of our community, and our project presented an apt opportunity to do just that.

    What were your first thoughts when starting the project?

    We were filled with equal parts apprehension and excitement. Excitement because we looked forward to embarking on the new journey, but apprehensive as we were venturing into unchartered waters.

    Where do you see your project in 2 years from now?

    We hoped to have successfully expanded our platform into a fully-integrated portal that brings together passionate youths and social organisations to do social good. On the pragmatics end, we hope to emerge as a stable, self-sustaining social enterprise that has a stable revenue model.

    What were your expectations with regard to the accelerator program?

    Through the accelerator workshops, we looked forward to gaining insights into entrepreneurship that we could thereafter apply to our own operations, and thus emerge with a stronger sense of direction and clarity with regards to our project.