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    AnnoData - Empowering lives through employment

    Updated: Mar 3, 2019

    AnnoData, a recently started social enterprise founded by students from Enactus NTU, is seeking to improve the livelihood of low-skilled adults by linking them up with data generation and annotation jobs.

    The inspiration for this idea came when the founder - Peter Yuen, volunteered with the Homeless Hearts of Singapore, a non-profit organization which helps the homeless in Singapore. He realised that many homeless people have to rely on government allowances or low-paying part time jobs, which is barely enough to support themselves. With no other sources of income, they are trapped in a poverty cycle.

    Drawing on his experiences in Machine Learning and Data Science, he realised that there was a gap that these low-skilled adults can fulfil. In Machine Learning projects, the data used to train algorithms have to be painstakingly prepared beforehand in a process that does not require much expertise. After further consultations with industrial professionals, Peter confirmed that this could be an opportunity for low-skilled individuals to earn a better income.

    The AnnoData team at Social Impact Week 2019

    In the past few months, AnnoData has pitched to experts in the field, including NTU EEE professors, NTU ROSE Lab research staffs and NVPC personnel, while coming up with a prototype software for their beneficiaries to perform data annotation tasks. We can look forward to their pilot project launch by May 2019!

    Written by Zhou Yang.