The core of what we do at Enactus Singapore is to hone the entrepreneurial mindset of our students. Students work in teams to carry out a social entrepreneurial project, from idea generation to programme development to execution. To support the growth and development of our project teams, we engage our students through programmes as below:


accelerator programme

Serving to support student teams and accelerate their project executions, a series of workshop are put in place. These workshops cover these key segments: Customer Journey, Financial Projection, Customer Acquisition and Fundraising. The programme concludes with a Demo Day that requires teams to pitch their projects to potential investors. 


Introduced in 2017, the Enactus Startathon is a full-day programme to kickstart our students' journey for their projects. During the programme, students work in their respective teams to identify a key problem and work under guidance with their mentors to brainstorm possible solutions. The programme concludes with a pitch and Q&A session for their proposed solution. 

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Feedback workshops

Feedback Workshops are an ongoing effort to groom our Enactus project teams, providing opportunities for them to tap into the business and industry expertise of panellists, as well as for the panellists to give the teams feedback on their projects. Each year, projects undergo various feedback workshops, enabling easier tracking of their progress overtime.

presentation workshops

Conducted by one of our sponsors, KPMG, the presentation workshop serves to equip and train our students to pitch with confidence and clarity. The workshop starts with sharing of some theories and tools on how to structure a presentation, followed by the  the 'Do's and 'Don't's of a presentation. In the last part of the workshop, teams present a five minute pitch and receive feedback for both their content and delivery.