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  • To enable members to gain first-hand experience in managing their very own projects and business ideas
  • To provide a platform for and build a community of like-minded individuals passionate about social issues and entrepreneurship to network
  • To instill an entrepreneurial mindset amongst members and empower them with skills to achieve entrepreneurial success

awards & recognitions

  • Champion of Enactus Singapore National Competition 2017
  • Learning Journey Award (Overture, 2017)
  • Spirit of Enactus Award (2016) 
  • Student Leader of the Year (Zachary Mano, 2016)
  • Learning Award (CartSE, 2016)
  • Student Leader of the Year (Jieyang Zheng, 2015)



Founded in February 2015 by a group of Enactus students from the National University of Singapore, CartSE is an online marketplace featuring products offered by local social enterprises. Cart is a shopping 'Cart' for 'SE' - Social Enterprises. We contribute expertise in product marketing, order processing, and customer feedback to help Voluntary Welfare Organisations (VWOs) with their sales as part of fundraising. Read more here.


neighbourhood noms

Neighbourhood Noms is a social entrepreneurship initiative by Enactus-NUS that promotes heartland tourism as a way to provide meaningful employment to low-income housewives.Through interactive cooking lessons and delicious home-cooked meals prepared lovingly by the housewives themselves, we aim to provide flexible employment options for them to earn extra income and gain a confidence boost. Read more here.


Overture empowers underprivileged students with basic money management skills and entrepreneurial exposure through real-life, everyday experiences. We aim to influence character, provide inclusive opportunities, and inspire discussion on basic money management. Read more here.

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Hatch aims to establish a sustainable platform to match SME and school dropouts and to equip those dropouts with necessary skills through training. This is to provide value-added employees with specific skills required by SMEs while giving school dropouts an opportunity to be “hatched” again through meaningful employment. 


Qlyck is a platform that allows youths (and eventually anyone) to provide voluntary or paid services to Voluntary Welfare Organisations and social enterprises. These range from technical skills (eg. photography, design) to sharing of an interest (eg. cooking, skating, guitar), and youths can easily utilise this platform with its simple application processes and greater transparency for both volunteers and organisations.

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BRice works with Phrao Children Home to assist in language learning and vocational skills training for the orphans of hill tribes in Phrao District, Chang Mai. By mapping their interests to suitable vocational training courses, we aim to provide employment options for them when they leave the orphanage at 17. Leveraging on technological devices and software, we aim to provide orphans aged 1-6 some basic knowledge on Thai and English before they enrol into the orphanage.


Bridge aims to empower low-income elderly by creating a platform that allow students/healthcare workers to sign up for online dialect classes and learn industry-relevant phrases through engaging video tutorials recorded by beneficiaries. WIth a profit-sharing business model, these elderly will be able to gain a meaningful job and earn additional income.


Myrtle promotes recycling post event flowers by drying or compressing them to design products or as decorations as a way to provide meaningful employment to homeless families. Through compressing flowers and designing together as a family unit (elderly to mothers to children), Myrtle provides flexible employment options for them to earn extra income and gain a purpose in life. 

Touch of Hope

Touch of Hope aims to serve the elderly living in one room rental flats in Singapore who often suffer from depression and loneliness through empowering them with new skills or cultivating their existing skills. Elderly will be able to share their skills to other interested elderly, empowering both parties at once. With the SkillsFuture funding and deep-rooted traditions these elderly can offer, we believe public’s interest will be generated; and with interaction and empowerment, we believe it will help curb loneliness and depression.

project Peter Pan

Coming Soon.