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  • To bring together top leaders of today and tomorrow and create a more sustainable world through the positive power of business.

awards & recognitions

  • National Champion of Aramco-Enactus Innovative Challenge 2017
  • National Champion of Enactus National Competition (2013, 2014, 2015, 2016) 
  • Young Social Entrepreneurs, Singapore International Foundation (2016) 
  • 3rd Place for Accenture GIVE Competition (2012)
  • 2nd place for Social Enterprise Category, Start-up@Singapore Competition (2012)
  • Nanyang Award for Teamwork (2012)


glow in the dark

Glow in the Dark is a social enterprise that provides premier enrichment workshops fully and independently conducted by the Visually Handicapped of Singapore. With a vision for enabling individuals regardless of circumstance, we aim to provide meaningful employment for the Visually Handicapped. Read more here.



Nomad is a social enterprise that connects rural artisans to emerging and developing markets. We are an artisanal collective that houses fashion and lifestyle apparels from various communities. Currently, we are partnering with artisans in India and Indonesia to produce quality leather bags and wooden crafts that are marketable around the world. Read more here.

second nature

Second Nature aims to address the problem of food waste at the household level by creating an affordable and convenient food waste recycling bin. We aim to alleviate the food waste problem in Singapore by empowering households to recycle their food waste instead of throwing it away. Read more here.



Intute is an online math tutoring platform designed for students from low-income households. We provide the benefits of actual private tuition by providing personalised assignments, in-depth video solutions, learning reports for parents and homework support. Read more here.

the kisan union

The Kisan Union believes that solutions for the poor should not be poor. It aims to bridge the gap between the government and rural areas by extending the reach of information and aid to the very last mile. Our mobile Smart Solar Kiosk is designed to close this gap by providing access to government policies, information, and health services at their doorstep. 



ReSewn is a social enterprise that upcycles post and pre-consumer denim waste into functional and stylish tote bags. We aim to reduce the pollution produced by the disposal of textiles and give these textile goods a longer life. Founded to combat the effects of fast fashion and Singapore’s buy-and-throw-away culture, we hope to inspire a new generation of environmentally-conscious shoppers.

value greens

Value Greens seeks to provide an alternative food product which can provide consumers with the same nutritional value as vegetables and fruits. This product will be in powder form, made from ugly vegetables or fruits that would likely be thrown away by farms and wholesalers in Singapore due to cosmetic filtering. We hope to not only convert these ugly vegetables and fruits into a product that is easily consumable but also to educate the public about its value. 



Aarunya aims to tackle the problem of water storage in both developed and developing countries. We have two different projects in mind that focuses on people living in rural villages and people living in urban areas. Read more here


Givfunds is an online platform that crowdsources interest-free loans for impact organisations and social enterprises (SE). We identify credible SE or SE aggregators in various sectors and geographic locations in Southeast Asia who are creating a substantial impact on society. This vetting process helps to mitigate the risks and lower the loan repayment default rates. Read more here.



SURF aims to address this via gamification – households not only earn points for recycling, which can be redeemed for rewards, but also gives recognition to individuals for good recycling practices. We are currently developing a webapp as our minimally viable product (MVP), which we will use to gain user feedback and iterate our solution. App development commences after that. Read more here.

sdi academy

SDI Academy is an innovative social enterprise in Southeast Asia that empowers migrant workers and refugees with English, IT, Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship skills. We've been working with the migrant workers in Singapore who mostly come from Bangladesh, India, China etc and work in demanding sectors such as Construction, Manufacturing and Marine industry. Read more here.



FarmX envisions a future where urban dwellers will be self-sufficient in growing their own food. We aim to develop a culture of sustainable farming through providing fresh, pesticide free produce to the community. We provide urban dwellers with precision farming IoT kits and interactive apps which make growing more fun & interactive. Read more here.