People & Culture - Talent Resourcing

What you'l be doing

- Source for potential volunteers through various channels like word of mouth, online portals, LinkedIn, or road shows
- Use your personal extensive network and other social networking mediums to promote the Enactus brand and establish and cultivate positive relationships
- Screen people who are aligned, passionate and committed to join the FF Comm
- Partner with team leads and understand your volunteers, to be able to place them in suitable teams based on their preference, background, and area of growth
- Onboarding of new people into the FF Committee. Conduct a check-in 3 month into joining the committee

If you are...

- Strong communication and people skills. You are a great listener and truly want to know what motivates people. You help them find that.
- You're the guy who has had coffee with everyone in the office or the lady who brings all kinds of friends to your pilates class
- Ability to communicate value propositions confidently and with passion
- Keen and discerning eye in screening people. You're familiar with the smell of cheese, fish and BS.