Applications are finally over so that’s another battle done and dusted. Next up, the interviews! While it may seem daunting to face a whole panel not knowing fully what to expect, here are 5 tips to help you get into your dream university.

1. Shake it off

Shake off the mindset that interviews are scary and nerve-racking. A positive mindset is half the battle won.

2. Research, research, research

Nothing worth having comes easy, and that includes your university placing. The best way to impress your interviewers is by doing your grunt work; research. Google is your best friend to find out more about the programs and curriculum offered by the universities. Use these information to your advantage and ace the ultimate question that all interviewers want answered: Why Us?

3. Have a conversation

There’s no definite correct answer, the key lies in your unique perspective and take on the issues thrown at you. Be concise and thoughtful to give the interviewers a glimpse of your trove of knowledge and thought process. Give them a sense of your personality and let the conversation flow.

4. Highlight your achievements

Pitch yourself to the board. Prior to the interview, pick 3 biggest accomplishments to date and weave it into your answers in the most concise way possible. Highlight the qualities and values that has helped you succeed and which will continue to drive your success in university.

Be selective and don’t name everything you’ve done for the last 2 decades!

5. Banish the smoke and mirrors

Lying gets you nowhere. And certainly not closer to your dreams and aspirations. Share about your goals and values to augment your solid interview and present yourself as a whole, multi-faceted person.

While interviews may seem intimidating, they are but a platform for your prospective professors to know you better and also a golden opportunity for you to find out more about the university from a different point of view. So prepare sufficiently and go ace that interview!