I am Terence, the co-Project Director for Neighbourhood Noms. My team consists of myself, my co-Project director, Lennard Tay and 6 Project Executives: Amelia, Anisha, Fang Yi, Jim Kai, Wan Ru and Yuli. Neighbourhood Noms’ mission is to connect low income housewives and tourists, and even locals, by providing a uniquely Singaporean heartland experience.

The Neighbourhood Noms experience consists of a walking tour around the heartlands, a cooking demonstration and an interactive meal between the housewives and our customers, be it tourists or locals. We connect interested, curious customers with housewives who provide the food and conduct the cooking demonstration sessions. The proceeds from our customers contribute to the housewives’ earnings, allowing them to earn extra income for their families.
 The team was formed in 2015 through a collective effort. The team members are from different faculties, which was beneficial because we are able to get perspectives from different disciplines. After reaching out to various Family Service Centres (FSCs) in Singapore, we successfully collaborated with Thye Hua Kwan FSC @ Bedok North. Since our first programme run, our customers have been really satisfied with the experience and provided us a lot of constructive feedback. We were very motivated and inspired by the smooth executions, together with the favorable responses we received from our customers!


As of this week, Neighbourhood Noms has conducted 3 sessions! I feel very inspired and encouraged by the positive responses of our customers. We have come a long way from having only 5 participants in the pilot session, to having 70 participants in the most recent session! The smiles on the housewives’ faces during the sessions are really heartwarming because you can really tell that they enjoyed themselves, while feeling more empowered and confident.


Moving forward, we aim to expand the idea and take it to a new level. We have secured partnerships with 2 other FSCs and a Voluntary Welfare Organisation (VWO), to help us impact more people. We have also partnered with Monster Day Tours, a tour agency which will lead the heartland tour segments of the Neighbourhood Noms experience. With our burning passion, we will bring the heartlands of Singapore to the rest of the world and impact as many housewives to the very best we can!

Should you be interested to join us for this exciting programme, our next session is happening on 26 August. Do drop us an email at enactus.noms@gmail.com or leave us a Facebook message on www.facebook.com/NeighbourhoodNoms!