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Onelyst was founded in 2015 by a group of young entrepreneurs who wanted to transform the financial lives of the under served people in Singapore. Since then the startup has helped thousands of people to make informed borrowing decisions. Onelyst has been closing the information gap in the non-bank lending industry.

Through Onelyst, people get to discover personalised loan offers from non bank lenders within 5 minutes. A loan search process which could take at least 3 hours could be done in under 5 minutes through its proprietary financial technology. Onelyst is Singapore's first online marketplace for the non bank lending market. Hardworking people like our bus Drivers, cab Drivers, Nurses, Cleaners, Hawkers are deprived access to credit.

The startup uses its internal score, developed through deep data analytics and analysis of non-traditional data points across users’ digital footprint, to build a credit score and determine the credit worthiness of this segment. This score will enable responsible spenders to get affordable access to credit. The founders are working towards their vision of accelerating financial inclusion in Southeast Asia.